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Casey from @LunchBreakBuilders

Hi I’m Casey from Lunch Break Builders and now the newest freeform team member! 


I live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina with my husband, son, and two cats! In between a busy work schedule, you can find me with a hot cup of coffee and a drill in my hand!


Day to day, I work for a large retailer, but in between meetings you can find me working on DIYs and content creation. What started as a way to get break from a heavy work load in the core of covid ignited into a passion and ultimately a way of life. DIY has become much more than an outlet, but a way to build relationships with an amazing group of friends, learn together, and inspire others to know they can do anything. I am a firm believer that believing you can do something is half the battle! 


I love learning new skills and challenging myself to overcome the obstacles, all while having a few laughs (and maybe cries) along the way. With the support of amazing friends and incredible community, we are learning together and building our dreams! 




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