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We are committed to reinventing everyday tools

in ergonomic ways through observation,

innovation and thoughtful design.


Our core values of integrity, quality and focus on improving the painting experience drive us to

create unique products to help you bring your inspirations to life.

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FreeForm Founder and President Greg Freuler, an industrial designer, discovered the one job he dreaded most was painting. The centuries-old paintbrush design caused his hand to cramp and eventually led to carpal tunnel syndrome. He set out on a mission to redefine

the paintbrush.


Two-and-a-half years and nearly 100 prototypes later, the patented Grip-Free Paintbrush was born.


(Click on video to see the evolution of the Grip-Free Paintbrush.)

“The most complex thing to design is something simple.”

FreeForm Founder Greg Freuler

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