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Hi! I’m Meg from @baker.blooms

I live near Atlanta,GA with my husband and two boys.

I grew up mostly in Oklahoma on my family’s farm. On an farm, DIY is a way of life. 

As I got older, it became a sort of therapy for me. Doing projects helps me clear my head and focus my energy on something productive. It also taught me to keep doing no matter how broken a situation might seem. It also taught me that sometimes, projects are stupid and you just have to move forward. 


I try to empower others to take their home into their own hands. I strive to share my fails along with the wins and hope that my projects help others learn. Eventually, I’d love to design an entire house. 


My favorite types of projects are ones where I can have creative freedom or learn something new. My tool of choice is probably my drill because it’s the one I use the most. I think all beginners should start with a drill and a sander. And a good paintbrush.





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