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Kendall from @Kendallsnyderdiys

My name is Kendall and I live in Maryland with my husband and our 2 dogs Lola and Birdie. I work in higher education during the week and DIY mainly on the weekends! I grew up watching and learning how to fix and build projects with my father. It wasn’t until my husband and I bought our first home in 2019 where the DIY bug hit hard and hasn’t left! It’s crazy to think when we purchased our home I said to my husband “Oh we do not need to make any changes!” Oh boy was I kidding myself. First it was I want to update the slab doors so I asked for a miter saw that year for my birthday. Then it was change the baseboards and window trim. You know where I am going with this! It’s hard to stop the mind from thinking about projects. Nights consist of doing research on how to build a project or a new skill that I can learn and teach others as I go!




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