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Mamawah from @RejigtheCrib

My name is Mamawah and I love the woman I’m becoming!  I am a working-mother of three sweet kiddos

and a wife to the funniest man who is my greatest cheerleader.  I am a physical therapist by day and an avid DIY’er by night and weekend.  These avenues challenge my creative and intellectual side. It’s the perfect yin

and yang for me. 


I started curating my home when I moved in 5 years ago.  I started by transforming pieces I already owned. I was blown away by what a can of paint and a little sweat equity could do to a piece. Since then, I’ve continued to grow in learning new skills in sewing, reading design books, taking on projects for family and friends, drilling, nailing, sawing, and of course painting. I have seen the maturity in my artistic lane that I’ve grown to love.

I believe your home should have something warm, something new, something vintage, and something you, in your space.  I live by this motto in my home. I love mixing styles that are conversation starters and tell a story. Giving a little TLC to a vintage piece is one of my favorite types of projects as well as anything that requires me to use my power tools. 


Finding the DIY community with like-minded people inspires me to push through tough projects which seem poetically aligned with life’s trials and triumphs.   I love to challenge myself with projects that scare me a little because I feel like that’s when I grow most.  If you are starting to craft your DIY skills and want to gain confidence in your ability… keep going, keep learning, and surround yourself with a like-minded community like the DIY community.  





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