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Mike from @MikeBuiltSomething

I am a husband a father, a friend, brother and son. I try to find the good in all. My goal is to lift up rather than tear down and try to leave things better than I found them.

By day I work for a large company in sales and in the evenings and weekends I try to build & DIY ( & create content) for my number 1 customer. We live in Atlanta & feel very blessed to have our dream property with amazing potential. We have 2 sons, 2 rescued Rhodesian ridgebacks, & 9 chickens.

I’m passionate about helping others and building community where people can be themselves, create, learn

and grow! I love to recycle and upcycle wood trying to find lasting value in things! An avid DIYer, I love to try to incorporate my woodworking into the areas we chose to improve! I actively try to bring together those that DIY and Woodworkers as I see the many benefits of having knowledge of both!


My passion for building things came from selling specialty wood to industrial customers for 18 years, I was always amazed at what they could make from the materials in our warehouse, it inspired me to pick up tools of my own and start to create my custom pieces. My favorite power tool is my Dewalt DW331k jigsaw! It is a tool that I am very comfortable with and confident in. I use it as much as possible in making my projects come to life!

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