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Morgan from @LifeOnWIllowCreek

My name is Morgan and I'm from Buffalo, NY! I am a dog mother & coffee lover. I am a social worker by day & avid DIY'er by night. My fiancé and  I purchased our 200 year old farmhouse 3 years ago & have been reviving it ever since. I've always been creative and took dance lessons for many years but as I've gotten older, my creativity has evolved into a love of all things DIY & budget friendly home renovation. I love learning new skills and challenging myself in the DIY space. I adore small projects and detail work but I truly love the entire process of renovation from demolition to finishing touches. Some of my favorite DIY essentials are of course, a freeform brush, my impact driver, miter saw & my creativity. 


DIY has been a form of therapy for me & getting to share this passion with others is truly a dream come true. Most people are afraid to start, but starting is the hardest part. The Instagram DIY community is truly incredible and a great place to start learning.  My bucket list project would be getting to build a home from the ground up. 





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